Thursday, December 4, 2008

Surprise - Day 3

David Kistler, Chris Marchbanks and I have been working out every day for about two weeks. I say every day, but usually there are a few days when one or the other of us can't make it. Either way, we are doing a pretty good job of showing up each afternoon for a good sweat-a-thon. David had been, by far, the most consistent of the three, and he is always inspiring and encouraging as he saddles up on the elliptical machine for about 30 minutes of calorie burning.

Today, however, it was just me. I had the run of the place, and it was actually kind of nice. I turned on my itunes playlist and began to elevate my heart rate. Nothing really surprising here except for the fact that, given my terrible physical condition, I can even exercise at all.

I am always surprised, though, at how good exercising makes me feel. Imagine that! You do what is good for you and it actually makes you feel better! Makes me think of the last series we did at church on the book of Proverbs. That book is full of spiritual work outs that, if put into practice, almost always result in good living. Funny how surprising it is that good actions result in good consequences. Why in the world that surprises me is a mystery, but it does.

In a world full of grey areas, it's nice to know that doing good will likely lead to feeling good. As one medical journal recently put it, "you are more likely to act yourself into feeling good than you are to feel yourself into acting good." So true, and so counterintuitively surprising.

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